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Ride Smart with Craig Cameron airs 3 times per week on RFD-TV.

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Guts and Glory Ride 

The 2nd Annual Craig Cameron Guts and Glory 100 Mile Horse Ride is fast approaching! If you would like to donate, ride or attend the dinner and auction please visit our sign up page. Please contact our office with any questions at 254.728.3082 or doublehornd@lipan.net

Make a Donation to the Guts & Glory Ride 
***Please click on PROGRAM AREA dropbox on donation info box and choose “Craig Cameron Guts & Glory Horse Ride”
November 6 - 8, 2014
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Craig CameronIn the beginning a horse does not see the reason, meaning or purpose in what we are asking him to do. Through repetition he learns what we want or do not want of him. In my line of work as a clinician I am presented with many tough horses that are deemed un-trainable. People always ask for the secret in training that type of horse? There is no secret. Horses respond positively to effective training techniques.

The best horsemen are casual around their horses. Training in a relaxed fashion and with an effective process entails working with the horse, not against him. If you follow this formula positive results are inevitable. In public demonstrations with “unrideable” horses, time after time the horses have amazed on-lookers by quickly relating to positive training. In just a matter of an hour the first-rides were accomplished without a bronc-ride or mishap.

The key is to be an effective trainer with effective techniques. If you are not effective, no matter how good your intentions are you might as well be looking west for the sunrise. Like the horse, you must be willing to change and work to have the first ride an important one and remember from good beginnings things tend to come naturally.

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